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    Grien to mod Empty Grien to mod

    Post  Grien on Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:56 am

    *in game name:Grien
    *for how long have u played minecraft?:About 1year i think
    *for how long have u played on the server?:1 week but 2month whit this before maded server what did crash i think (why goby?)
    *why do u want to become a mod?:I can ban griefers what im seen and give jobs to people who dont have when none admin or mod online and some my friends are sayd to mast go ask for mod because im need more like... power to help who need it
    *why should we let u become a mod? (minimum 30 letters):Im almost everyday online some 6-9hour and in this week im only played this server and i think i will be great mod becayse then i can help more people what now i can
    skype:Got! (skype name olli.ronkainen3 ask me friend)

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