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    Renting a server


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    Renting a server Empty Renting a server

    Post  branduslex on Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:42 am

    Hello, i've been thinking about renting a server. And starting up the old world again, though its really expensive. So I dont want to pay it all by my self.

    So this is what i've got so far,

    100 megabit Connection
    Servercraft Built Dedicated USA Based Servers
    Unrestricted Player Slots
    Dual 8-Core AMD Opteron 2.4Ghz
    Raid 1 Server Protection (Server Backup Protection)
    Daily Map Rendering with Web Access
    On-Demand and Scheduler Backup Support of your world
    Support for hMod Alternatives and CraftBukkit!
    New Servercraft File Editor, edit, modify, and delete all plugins and plugin settings!
    Servercraft Uploader, Instantly Install hMod and CraftBukkit Plugins and Properties!
    User Friendly and Powerful McMyAdmin Professional Edition with Web Access, Free!
    Access to the Exclusive Servercraft Portal!
    Convenient Server Address ex: mc99.********.co
    Comprehensive Minecraft Support
    Comprehensive Mod Support
    Comprehensive McMyAdmin Support
    Additional Personal Customizable server Address ex: you.*******'*.com

    So this is what it costs; 14$ first month (I'll pay this when I know i dont have to pay the full price after)
    Each month it will cost 29.99$ and i will pay about the half of it each month, so if some one else could pay the rest or some people.

    Though i don't know if its possible to crack it Sad

    Think about it Wink

    PS. Keep in mind, its EACH month!

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