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    story of warwick


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    story of warwick Empty story of warwick

    Post  goby64 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:50 am

    as any World no one really knows how it was created. some say Notch created the world to have something to do. some say it was a big creeper bang. but what we do know is that the world is huge and we dont know what wonders exist beyond our kingdom

    The kingdom of Warwick was created by King Baldor, and his party. It took them 50 years to get there country up and running. The small kingdom had many enemy's that attacked, mostly bandits and other small country's. King Baldor is dead and his only son Goby took his rightful place on the throne. goby didnt think he could handle a kingdom and wanted to live a more simple life, so he created a tournament. the winner was Holmes. all hail Holmes the King!

    The Holy Blades
    the Holy Blades was created by Layfon,a good friend and warrior of King Goby. The Holy Blades have sworn to protect their great kingdom of Warwick from all foes. The Holy Blades is now known to have the best swordsmen in the world of Eneldor.

    The Church of Infamy
    The Church of Infamy was created by members of the Holy Blade that had gone evil. There leader is Darkman and no one knows were there hideout is.

    The Rebels/ShadowClaw
    the Rebels started the civil war against the empire when Goby desided to go down from the throune and start a tournament. winner of the tournament was Holmes. many people didnt like Holmes rule, so they made a revolution.
    the leader of the rebels was Lolcat. now peace has come back to the land and the empire has promised to not interfere with the city of Briswall's buisness (Rebel city) so the Rebels changed name to ShadowClaw after all fighting was done. This war is now known: The Greate Civil War Of Briswall.

    recently mobs never seen before has scattered around the kingdom of Warwick. our scouts keeps finding new portals and we most go trough and destroy them.

    the Rogues fight for who pays them the most. they are known for coming out of nowere and be gone before anyone notices that they have been attacked.

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