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    Damondude9999's Appeal to be a mod


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    Damondude9999's Appeal to be a mod

    Post  Damondude9999 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:18 am

    *name: Damon
    *in game name:Damondude9999
    *for how long have u played minecraft?:Over 1 Year (i have lost track)
    *for how long have u played on the server?:For a Couple Of weeks
    *why do u want to become a mod?:Because i love this server and its the ONLY one i go to, And i have 2 friends who go.
    *why should we let u become a mod? (minimum 30 letters):I am responsible, and i wont grief, i can help others and i will help newcomers to the server and i will help you in anything you need help in and i wont Unfairly Kill people and cheat.

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