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    [xXEternalXx] N0CTURNAL's MOD Application


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    [xXEternalXx] N0CTURNAL's MOD Application Empty [xXEternalXx] N0CTURNAL's MOD Application

    Post  xXEternalXx on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:57 am

    Ingame Name: N0CTURNAL
    Real Name: Tony

    I've played Minecraft for less than a month. Its been almost a week on this server for me.

    I'd like to become a Moderator cause I hate when you get in to a server and don't really know how to get started, So I want to help out with people. Give them hints etc. So they understand the game at our server.

    I think I should get Moderator Status cause I'm experienced with several game types when it comes to Minecraft. Like World Of Warcraft and stuff. I helped a couple of people but the most recent is a guy named Cube.

    I'm 13 years old, and From Canada. I was raised with helpful people so I got this :3. I might be 13 but I'm really mature and responsible Lol

    I don't currently have a Skype. I deleted mine but if I make one again only the admins will know about it.

    I am loved on all the 4 servers Ive been on. Ive been a admin on 1 of them, Thats darkgunz :3. Ask anybody on the server if they like me and if I would make a good MOD. I have built castles and barns and cities even. I am a master at making sculptures of people on Minecraft. Ive dont lots even though I wasnt on Minecraft for so long.

    I have a friend Phizo [Major Famous Hacker] He helps me with scripting and such.

    I hope I didn't bored you out to much Sleep . I think I am a good choice to a admin or Mod :3 I'm more interested in being a admin but that will probably never happen.

    Sincerely N0CTURNAL king

    Bye Cool

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