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    _Regret_'s mod application


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    _Regret_'s mod application Empty _Regret_'s mod application

    Post  _Regret_ on Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:39 pm

    Name : Stephane
    In Game Name : _Regret_
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? : Since 1.3_01
    How long have you been playing this server? : 3 days ago Very Happy
    Why do you want to become a Mod? : I wanna help other players whenever they need to, I LOVE this server and want to help it to grow bigger and funnier. I know I joined not so long ago but I still think i would be a good Moderator, (been a OP of 2 servers and i runned my own server a long time ago). I also make some really PWETTY stuff if I have the resources to make it.
    Why should we let you become a Mod? : Because im trust worthy, I know how to deal with bad situations (griefers, stealers, killers, In-Chat fights, etc) And I'm a friendly guy, I have no issues in becoming friend with someone Razz AND we NEED a Mod who stays online even when most of the Admins/Mods are off, because the last 2 days a griefer came to destroy everything, and we couldnt do anything about it :l (Griefer Name : BopoAslo, WTF and bopoaslo) I connect to the server whenever i wake up (like at 10-11 am) and go off at like 21-22 pm. And i could make the server even PWETTIER Very Happy
    How old are you? : 14, but mature, don't worry Razz
    Skype? : Nope Smile

    Hope you'll accept me,

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    _Regret_'s mod application Empty congrats!

    Post  goby64 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:33 am

    congrats! ur now a mod!

    important commands:

    ./whois <name>
    to see ip and more
    ./ban <name>
    to ban
    ./banip <ip>
    to ban ip address
    ./manuadd <name> <group>
    to add players to groups
    (can only do this on groups with lower rank then u)

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