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    Finally, but i guess i was late....


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    Finally, but i guess i was late....

    Post  ThaRealTacBenji on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:14 am

    I played on this server years ago, but i lost the ip, and i just found the server just now..... I guess i was late >_<

    I remember i was playing with "Doomdog" We had a huge mansion thingy together, but it burned down due to war

    I am not sure what my ign was at that time, but all i can come up with is "Benji2134"

    All i could remember from this server, when i lost the ip, was "Doomdog" and "goby64"... i think it was his ign?

    Well, let me know, if the server runs on another forum/ ip ;3 I would love to join again..

    Btw i bought mc, my ign is "TacBenji"

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