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    SylvarR's application.


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    SylvarR's application. Empty SylvarR's application.

    Post  SylvarR on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:29 am

    First of I salute you people.

    in game name:SylvarR
    why do you want to join?: Because I want to play minecraft with cool ppl and i want to roleplay
    rp character background story:

    Sylvar was the son of a wealthy man in an unknown region. As a young boy, he enjoyed trading and duelling, the latter causing him to go into a lot of troubles. He kept duelling untill he accidentally killed a man. Sylvar ran away in the curious cround that gathered, leaving his father do deal with his actions.

    Many years after the events Sylvar returned. He was quickly recognised by the victim's father. The man looked at him with pity, as he told him he is not welcome there anymore. Sylvar insisten on seeing his father, but the man said that Sylvar's father got sick and poor after his son left. The disease eventually killed him. On his knees, Sylvar promised he will become a better man heading towards the kingdom of Warwick.

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