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    Awesome's application


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    Awesome's application Empty Awesome's application

    Post  Awesome on Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:47 pm

    in game name: Awesome

    why do you want to join?:Cuz i want to play minecraft -.- and its rpg Very Happy

    rp character background story: Awesome is a code name for the secret organisation wich was destroyed by the forces of Humanity. Now the only survivor of this destruction is this man who carys a grudge vs humanity and wants to destroy those who destroyed his organisation. He carrys the name Awesome and seeks knowledge to revive the organisation and to kill all those in his way!

    Object: World domination!
    Weaopns: Dual katanas, Quadra daggers, 2 small assasin swords, Black arrmor
    Abillitys: Long range vision, Black flames, Speed, Stealth, Secret 6 slash attack

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