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    my application lol


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    my application lol Empty my application lol

    Post  Nightcrawler on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:31 am

    IGN: nighty
    why do u wanna join: well ive been a mod on a massive bukkit survival multi server that got corrupted politics now i hate it and i live role playing ... lol

    background story: Nightcrawler was a member of the "Shadow Step" clan. It was a secret guild of assasins that work for the highest bidder. One day and a simple forest elf discovered their hide out location by chance.He reported back to his tribe leader and the elfs and a local human city formed an alliance to clear the guild out.They devised a good plan to do so and it proved succesfull.But little do they know that of the Members of the clan managed to escape with the clans greatest treasure. It was the armor and the weapons of the founder of the clan Damiel who was lead to belive once was the greatest warrior in the world. But after an accident he dissapeared for ever with no one knowing what happend.Does Nightcrawler seak revenge? vendetta? ... no .. he seaks Punishment for those who
    think they simply can get rid of him and his clan.Once he went to visit a tavern in the local city for information the tavern keeper told him to travel to a great land with people that might help and approve his cause and find the people who participated in Killing his clan... And now here he is.

    Nightcrawler super powers and skills: master of arms ,a master assasin ,the ability to blink/teleport short ranges ,fast reflexes ,stealth and much more

    no im not a nerd in social places LOL Very Happy

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