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    rukes's application


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    rukes's application Empty rukes's application

    Post  rukesdude on Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:10 am

    in game name:rukes or Rukes that doesn't make any differences
    reason why i want to join: well it's simple i was trying to join in some other rp server( i filled an application as well) and they didn't answered me am i in or not so i think i am going to have some fun playing in this server
    my character story: rukes is a creeper who was kicked out of his home because he didn't knew how to blow up!!!! so started traveling around the world and he was learning how to be a real human and then he dressed up in a suit and told him self
    - i'm not coming back home! i hate creeperzzz! and i want to live like a normal humannn!
    and then he found a beautiful kingdom with real humans and started to live in there.and he had problems with learning the human language

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    rukes's application Empty Re: rukes's application

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