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    Belkoz' Mod application


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    Belkoz' Mod application Empty Belkoz' Mod application

    Post  Belkoz on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:35 pm

    *name: Nex Ryder
    *in game name: Belkoz
    *for how long have u played minecraft?: Since InDev
    *for how long have u played on the server?: About a month and a half
    *why do u want to become a mod?: I would like to help the server, and since I play most of the time I'll be able to protect people's homes and I know all WorldGuard and WolrdEdit commands.
    *why should we let u become a mod? (minimum 30 letters): You made me into your bodyguard and a lot of the people know me on the server.
    *age: 14
    skype: I don't have one Suspect

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